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What we do

We accompany you from the initial desire to have a child, to the safe heartbeat of your child in early pregnancy and use all the opportunities that modern medicine provides today. We want to accompany you on equal terms and see you as a partner with whom we want to achieve a great goal together. The key to this lies in a precise diagnosis and an individual modern therapy, as well as a good and open education and counselling, so that you as a patient with confidence and security, can go this way with us. We use modern techniques and profit from our long practical experience.

First conversation and anamnesis

Your initial presentation will be followed by a detailed discussion. This is meant for you, to get to know us and find out what options exist to help you solve your problem. It is best to come as a couple for this initial interview so that we can involve both partners from the beginning on. There is always a detailed anamnesis. At this point, you can and should ask all the questions that move you and indicate special personal circumstances, e.g. work-related problems in the attending of medical appointments. We want to try everything to ensure that you have the best possible stress-free treatment.

In order for you deal with the treatment options at home, we also provide you with written information.

What are our further steps?

At the beginning of each individual therapy the examination of the hormonal system is done to detect thyroid disorders or problems with the male hormone secretion and then if needed to treat these issues.

The actual cycle monitoring generally begins between the third and the fifth day after the start of menstruation through ultrasound examinations and a blood test.

Depending on the initial hormonal situation, the further steps will be to try and induce ovulation medically, given the presence of mature follicles, and thus be able to name the optimum for fertilization. For patients with minor disorders, it is already possible to achieve a pregnancy after this step.

If there are indications for organic disorders, further investigations are carried out in a timely manner, for example the examination of the tubal patency, or the clarification of changes in the uterus, which could disturb the implantation of a pregnancy.

Also, the examination of the man, especially the study of ejaculate (the male seminal fluid), is one of the most important first findings. If there are any irregularities, the further investigation will be done by an andrologist.

Sometimes it makes sense to carry out further examinations, for example, to investigate the clarification of the coagulation system, or the immune response.

After we have received the first results, we invite you to a new meeting. Here we want to create an extended diagnosis and treatment plan together with you. It is important to us that you also contribute your needs and ideas so that we can create a common concept.

Special services

As a special service, the Kinderwunschzentrum an der Gedächtniskirche offers a transvaginal endoscopy (TVE). This consists of a cervical reflection and a transvaginal Hydrolaparoskopie and is ideal for outpatient operations. In the following, this examination technique is explained with video recordings

What you can do

During pregnancy, there is a special need for nutrition for mother and child. This need is often not met by the modern diet. Therefore, we are happy to advise you on questions of nutrition and also on options for supplementing with special preparations aimed at the optimal supply of vitamins, minerals and trace elements during pregnancy. Often it makes sense to supplement the diet optimally even before the onset of pregnancy. For example, it is known that the deficiency of certain vitamins (folic acid) can lead to severe malformations in the child (open back). Supplementation before conception can prevent these malformations. We are happy to advise you individually.

Our organism is exposed to a variety of environmental pollution. In addition to our own metabolism, which produces free radicals (which are highly reactive chemical substances that react with other building blocks of our body and thereby destroy their function), our body must produce various pollutants by chemical substances, e.g. in food, in the air and in water, to defend its normal functions. Everyone has systems that regulate the degradation and defence of such pollutants. But the capacity of these systems is individually very different. This means that one tolerates more of these burdens without developing disorders or illnesses, the other less. Within certain limits, it is possible to measure the burden on the body through pollutant diagnostics. For example, the exposure to free radicals can be determined by examining the so-called redox status.

In the case of an overload of the organism, it is possible to recover the organism by a change in lifestyle and a targeted nutritional supplement.

If you have further questions, please contact us.


An essential basis for high diagnostic accuracy and above-average therapeutic success, lies in the interdisciplinary collaboration with other specialists.

Psychosomatic-psychotherapeutic treatment

Psychosomatic-psychotherapeutic treatment

For many women and men, an unfulfilled desire to have children represents an existential life crisis. On the one hand, fertility treatment with hopes, waiting times and disappointments requires discipline and, on the other hand, is often experienced as a loss of control. Often during this stressful time other spheres of life are neglected; life planning is called into question. Fears of the future are stressful and have an effect on mood, motivation and sleep. Helpful during the treatment time, can be a one-time or multiple resource-oriented psychosomatic-psychotherapeutic accompaniment of individuals or couples to make the desire for children self-determined as far as possible and, for example, to clarify the following questions: What burdens me in the context of the fertility treatment? How can I recover and enjoy life again? How can we handle our different feelings so that our relationship does not suffer as well? How can I deal with questions from friends and family? What feelings can I have towards pregnant women and families with small children? How can we turn to topics other than just the desire to have children? How can I change my approach to difficulties and life crises? How can I gain an appreciative attitude towards my life plan and body? How can I make treatment decisions? What other options can we imagine in other treatment steps or other ways to shape our lives with and without a child?

For a consultation or treatment 50 minutes are provided. The cost for individuals or couples is € 92,50 and can be reimbursed at private health insurances and aid agencies.

Specialists in Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy / Behavioral Therapy in the Kinderwunschzentrum an der Gedächtniskirche

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  • Creating a spermiogram and an evaluation
  • Seeding sperm from epididymis (MESA) and testicular tissue (TESE)
  • Determination of the accessory gland markers of seminal trace elements
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