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First consultation

It all starts with trust

The first appointment is for getting to know each other and building up trust. Every therapy will be planned individually and according to your needs. We will take our time to offer you professional advice and help you with any required applications. If you have earlier examination reports, please don’t hesitate to bring them with you, as they will most likely be helpful for us to find the right treatment.

Bewertung wird geladen...

First examination

After the first meeting follows a medical examination, but if you wish to have this at a later point, it’s no problem either. Generally, we start with a gynaecological and ultrasound examination followed by a blood sampling. The man will be given an appointment for an ejaculate examination and, if required, also for a blood testing.

After we have received the results of both parties, we will have another conversation where we will discuss the results and find the right therapy for you.

Please don’t hesitate to ask questions at any point as we want to make the treatment comprehensibly for you.

We accompany you reliably on your way to a child.

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