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Diagnosis and clarification of fertility

At the beginning of each individual therapy the examination of the hormonal system is done to detect thyroid disorders or problems with the male hormone secretion and then if needed to treat these issues.

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The actual cycle monitoring generally begins between the third and the fifth day after the start of menstruation through ultrasound examinations and a blood test. Depending on the initial hormonal situation, the further steps will be to try and induce ovulation medically, given the presence of mature follicles, and thus be able to name the optimum for fertilization. For patients with minor disorders, it is already possible to achieve a pregnancy after this step.

The testing of fallopian tube patency using contrast medium and ultrasound is a nearly painless method that allows a statement about whether the fallopian tubes are open or not. The medical intervention is performed on an outpatient basis and should generally be done a few days before the expected ovulation, as this is the time where the cervix is open for the introduction of the catheter carrying the contrast medium.

Spermcount and male examination Another test at the beginning of the treatment is the examination of the male ejaculate. It will be examined under the microscope to see how many sperm cells are present in the ejaculate as well as the mobility and form of the spermatozoa.

In addition, we also recommend an examination of the man by an andrologist, as that examination covers a wider range of tests. For example, the examination of the genital organs on the presence of treatable disorders such as chronic infections. If you have never been examined like this, we recommend a specialized urologist for this exam.

After we have received the first results, you will be called in to discuss them. At the same time, we will devise your individual diagnostic and treatment plan together. It is very important that you contribute your ideas and needs at this point.

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